Eddy Robinson

In March of 2021, Bend Pops was privileged to announce Eddy Robinson as our conductor beginning with with the 2021-2022 season.

Eddy has been very involved in Central Oregon’s music community since his arrival here in 2012. He is an experienced music educator, currently working with students at Sky View Middle School and at Mountain View High where we rehearse. He is a co-conductor of the Central Oregon Youth Orchestra, has been involved in numerous school district special events and festivals, and teaches string students at Cascade School of Music.

Eddy is a wonderful musician in his own right. He plays bass with the Central Oregon Symphony in the full ensemble and in the Chamber Orchestra. He has joined Bend Pops for a few concerts in the past on bass.

Eddy has many excellent ideas to help us grow and flourish musically, and to manage some of our challenges as an orchestra which welcomes all comers. He is excited about our repertoire as a Pops orchestra and has some great suggestions for music for us to explore. His energy and enthusiasm are inspiring.

We on the board are confident that Eddy will be an outstanding leader for our group for many years to come.